Research Paper Topics In 2022:120 Best Ideas To Complete Your Studies

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Usually, Research paper topics are complex.

They are the bane of every single university student.

Writing such papers are hard enough, but finding a topic can be even more difficult.

Sometimes you feel like you are spinning around in circles.

You are trying to figure out facts and information about a difficult topic that nobody seems to care about.

If information is abundant, you get the opposite problem.

Then you need to balance between creating something original and something accurate.

That’s why making the first step easier and knowing exactly what you want to write is such a big help.

That’s why I’m here with this article to make the writing process a bit easier, hopefully.

research paper topics

How to Identify a Good Research Paper Topic?

There are many ways to find out and identify a good topic for your research paper.

Choosing a field of interest

Part of this is through personal feelings, and the other part is about the amount of information available.

When starting, ask yourself the following:

“What will be fun for me to research?”

Essay writing is not just about putting words on a page.

It’s an art. And art isn’t fun when it isn’t enjoyed.

If you talk about things that interest you, you’ll find that you can meet this word limit instead of talking about annoying things.

For example, if you despise talking about politics, then avoid those topics.

But if you’re a big fan of computers, then try looking into that.

A research paper doesn’t need to be about groundbreaking events.

It can be about anything that you interesting in.

So, you need to take some time to find out what you are interested in before you decide to research essay.

There’s Enough Information to Write a Paper

Once you figure out the basic scope of the topic, check out different angles to see if there is enough to research on.

For example, you want to write a research paper on black market dog breeding.

Then make sure you can find enough information about that in specific before making your decision.

Usually, for this step, I have a piece of paper.

It was filled with about 10 to 50 different ideas that I’d come up with over the course of a day.

Then check these ideas against the amount of information.

Whichever seems the most interesting, while still having the most information available, l tend to choose.

You can’t write a research paper on anything.

It Fits Your Teacher’s Guidelines

Lastly, check with your teacher to make sure that your topics fit with what your teacher wants.

If your teacher is opening the floor for you to pick your own topic, then try to come up with three to five topics that you feel passionate about.

And there’s plenty of available research for you to investigate.

Not only will your teacher see you as prepared and be more than willing to give you a helping hand throughout the creative process.

You will still have four others to fall back on.

Once you’ve figured this all out, then congratulations, you have found your research paper topic!

How to Select a Perfect Research Paper Topic?

So, after you finished checking with your professor and coming with a wide scope, it’s time to refine your topic.

Conduct background research

Literature background research is a very important part.

It will help you to clarify the history of your research topic and to develop research questions and thesis statements.

Making a research question

The most challenging part of a research paper has to do with asking research questions.

Research question should be clear, focused, concise, complex, and arguable.

This may sound daunting, but once you think about it, we will find that it’s not hard at all.

Brainstorming research topic ideas

If this doesn’t work, well, there are tons of other brainstorming ideas from web diagrams to train thought planning.

You know when you finished your brainstorming when you are able to find a research question.

Brainstorming research topic ideas

If this doesn’t work, well, there are tons of other brainstorming ideas from web diagrams to train thought planning.

So long as you end up with a vague idea of what you want to do within the topic you got approved, you should be fine.

You know when you finished your brainstorming when you are able to find a research question.

Create a thesis statement

After this, you have to solve your thesis statement.

A thesis statement is a declarative sentence that tells the reader what position the paper should be taking.

For example, say you went with the plague inc topic, your thesis statement would be something like:

“Plague inc is an accurate representation of how the world reacts and struggles with viral infections like the recent COVID-19 outbreak.”

As you can see from this statement, it is both specific and able to be argued against.

This statement is what you are trying to prove and consequently convince the reader of throughout the essay’s entire body.

A topic should be clear

A few things you should keep in mind during this part of the writing paper.

Your topic should be clear and relatively innovative.

Try to be creative while having a fun time.

You shouldn’t write something out of your experience level.

For example, if you have no background in astrophysics, perhaps don’t try to write a research paper on black holes.

Be innovative

Essay innovation will make you stand out from the rest of the class.

You can choose your thesis topic from an unexpected angle.

By searching deeper, you may discover little-known facts that will surprise your readers.

This approach will arouse the reader’s interest and make your research paper stand out.

Check library references

Also, don’t forget to check some library references.

And do your due diligent research before stepping headfirst into a paper, or you may find yourself in over your head.

What are the 3 Types of Research Questions?

So for the writing process itself, this knowledge may not be needed.

But to better understand the type of stuff that will aid you in the future, I will explain it anyway.

There are three types of the research question.

Firstly, there’s a descriptive research question.

It aims to describe what exists or is going on.

Secondly, it is a relational research question.

It is meant to look at the relationship between two or more variables.

Thirdly, there is a causal.

It is meant to look at the effect one variable has on another variable.

Knowing these three different types of research topics will help you quantitate your research.

And may even help you identify the path you want to take with your research paper!

essay topics

Research Paper Topics by Level of Education

High School Research Paper Topics

  • What are black holes?
  • How does deforestation impact climate change?
  • Are we able to save coral reefs?
  • How does the Flint water crisis affect life in Michigan?
  • Are black cats truly unlucky?
  • How is mental health talked about in pop culture?
  • Have students become smarter since the internet boom of 2000?
  • How has the internet changed over the years?
  • How has musical piracy changed throughout the years?
  • What are the pros and cons of standardized testing?
  • How has America (or whichever country) evolved over the years?
  • How does the price hike in university tuition affect students?
  • Should vaccines be a requirement for students and teachers?
  • How have advancements in musical technology, like VOCALOID altered the music industry?
  • How has the pandemic affected the school system?

College Research Paper Topics

  • How has ancient Egypt influenced our modern-day society?
  • Are cave drawings the first form of human communication and historical record-keeping?
  • Is the black market website ‘Silk Road’ a bane or a boon of the internet?
  • Did modern humans first emerge from Africa?
  • How has ancient mythology shaped modern-day theology?
  • How has the discrimination of the past changed how the LGBTQ+ community is seen in the modern day?
  • Would an increase in funding for mental health programs help people?
  • Does the way a woman dresses affect assault?
  • What caused the insurrection at the capitol building after the 2020 election?

Research Paper Topics by Subject

Business Research Paper Topics

  • Is the Multi-Level business model a scam?
  • What is a Ponzi scheme?
  • How does the stock market predict trends?
  • Are people misleading others about the ease of starting a business?
  • How small of a loan is one million dollars?
  • Who is the greatest businessman of the 21st century?
  • Who is the most outstanding entrepreneur of the 21st century?

Medical Research Paper Topics

  • What are the dangers of anti-vax groups?
  • How many treatments are there for autism?
  • What are the risks of transitioning for the transgender community?
  • The importance of mental health.
  • What are the side effects of the Pfizer vaccine?
  • What are the benefits of massage therapy?
  • Crime and Law Research Paper Topics
  • What sparked the 2020 BLM protests?
  • What is the main cause of school shootings in the modern day?
  • Are minorities more criminally active?
  • Has the spread of the true-crime genre increased the rate of crime?
  • Is violent media really to blame for in-world violence?

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • What causes phobias?
  • Are mental health problems going up, or are we just noticing them more?
  • How Is Dissociative Identity Disorder misinterpreted by the media?
  • How can the media damage the view of a person with mental illness?
  • Are ADHD and PTSD often confused in children?

Art and Culture Research Paper Topics

  • How has digital art changed the face of art as a whole?
  • Is a career in art profitable?
  • What is the most expensive art commission of all time?
  • What is the story behind L’Ange du Mal?
  • When does art transcend art and become culture?

Education Research Paper Topics

  • How does autism affect how people learn?
  • Is too much funding given to sports in school?
  • Should college be free for students?
  • Does college really prepare students for jobs?
  • Is the education system outdated?
  • What are some innovations in the American education system?
  • What are the school’s successful anti-bullying programs?
  • Is student-centered learning effective?

Environmental Research Paper Topics

  • Is climate change a real problem?
  • What animals have gone extinct due to climate change?
  • What would happen if climate change wasn’t stopped?
  • How is the term ‘tipping point’ is used incorrectly to describe climate change?
  • What happened to the Dodo Bird?

Health Research Paper Topics

  • How can women’s health be improved?
  • How has COVID-19 changed how we view health?
  • Should women be allowed the choice to have an abortion?
  • How well do hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol work as a disinfectant?
  • How does universal healthcare work in other countries?

Media and Communication Research Paper Topics

  • Do humans forget how to communicate?
  • How do emojis reflect hieroglyphics?
  • How do memes reflect how people see the world?
  • Should the internet, and thus most means of communication, be seen as a necessity?
  • How has communication changed over the years?

Politics Research Paper Topics

  • How have women’s rights been pulled back on over the years?
  • Is there a correlation between homelessness and the shrinking of the middle class?
  • Is it too difficult to get a disability?
  • Should the amount people get for food stamps be increased?
  • Are people with food stamps really lazy and problematic?

Historical Research Paper Topics

  • How was Julius Caesar assassinated, and why?
  • How have shows like Hetalia helped students learn about history?
  • Was George Washington a good man by today’s standards?
  • What were the causes of the American revolutionary war?
  • How can Martin Luther King’s teachings be applied to the BLM movements of today?

Natural Sciences Research Paper Topics

  • How could Titan prove there is a possibility of life on other planets?
  • What are the Great Filters to life in the universe, and what could that mean for humanity?
  • Is it possible to colonize other planets?
  • How did water first come to Earth?
  • What is different between the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous extinction events of the dinosaurs?
  • What are the major epochs of Earth’s history?

Social Media Research Paper Topics

  • How could the Facebook whistleblower change the course of history?
  • What is the largest social media platform?
  • Is there really such a thing as fake news?
  • What does the fall of Tumblr mean for those who have used it?
  • What was the first social media website?

Family Research Paper Topics

  • Are child abuse cases increasing or just becoming easier to recognize?
  • How can a lousy family life impact someone’s future?
  • Are gay couples suitable for adopting children?
  • Why is the rate of divorce increasing?
  • Are people marrying too early?

Religion Research Paper Topics

  • What differentiates modern religion from ancient cults?
  • Is the Satanic Temple really dangerous?
  • What was the Satanic Panic?
  • How has the advent of paganism changed how people see ancient religions?
  • Are church and state genuinely separate?

Technology Research Paper Topics

  • Is bitcoin the future of online currency?
  • How has AI changed our outlook on life?
  • What is the technological singularity?
  • Is the dark web a myth or a terrifying reality?
  • How have smartphones changed our lives in the modern-day?

Music Research Paper Topics

  • How does music affect people’s mental health?
  • Can music be used effectively in a therapeutic setting?
  • Is music really linked to increasing focus in those with mental disorders?
  • How can music help psychologists treat Dissociative Identity Disorder?
  • Is there really a soundtrack to your life?
  • How has hip-hop changed over the years?
  • Why is classical music becoming more and more popular nowadays?
research paper topics

How Do You Write a Good Research Paper?

So, I’ve gone over all the things you need to do to get to this point.

The most important question is, how do you write a good research paper instead of just a bunch of words on the page?

Well, first, you should figure out your thesis early.

The earlier you manage this, the better, as it’ll give you more time actually to plan out what you want to write.

Secondly, you want to back up every statement you make with facts and research.

Not only will it make you more credible, but it’s also far more ethical to do this too.

Finally, you should do your research long before you begin writing.

Otherwise, you may find yourself running around like a chicken with its head cut off.


In conclusion, it isn’t hard to write a research paper with enough planning and enough work.

It may be daunting, even a little terrifying.

But it really isn’t all that bad once you start.

Taking the first step is the biggest problem.

I hope we were able to help you at least start!

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