refund policy

In case the company is failed to satisfy the customer after 7 revisions of his/her essay, the customer is entitled to contact and report an official complaint regarding any lapse in the research paper. will then be obliged under any of the following conditions:

It will find any other most suitable expert to complete the assignment within the given deadline.

If at all, the company is not able to find an expert for the assignment, it is entitled to offer complete refund to the client.

It is also at the sole discretion of to offer refund in case of any minor or insignificant error, since these errors do not provide sufficient grounds for full refund. But and clients may reconcile on other kinds of compensations like partial refund or discounts.

In case, the credit card of the client is charged more than the actual amount, the company will provide immediate reimbursement to the client.

In the events, the client is not content with the final draft of his/her research paper; he/she must first inform the direct resolution to the company before contacting an intermediary. The company will then be liable to respond to the client within 14 days. In case, the company and the client do not settle to any possible agreement within 14 days, the client is free to contact any intermediary for assistance.

However, if the clients initiated a chargeback prior to contacting the company, then it will be considered as violation of the contract and will be dealt accordingly.