Narrative Essay Topics In 2022: 100 Top Ideas List

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Choosing good narrative essay topics is very important for writing narrative essay.

A narrative essay is an article that tells a story. It is the foundation of language classes.

I believe you have all experienced writing narrative essays, whether in elementary school, middle school, or university.

It is a frequently encountered homework.

Generally speaking, writing a narrative essay starts by choosing a topic.

It may be the most challenging part of a narrative essay because a good narrative essay is not easy to be discovered.

It requires you to observe life and have a rich personal experience.

But don’t worry. We have compiled a list of topics for narrative essays.

With this list of narrative essay topics, you can easily choose the most unique or exciting one!

Please read this article carefully because the purpose of this article is to give you knowledge about narrative articles.

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What Is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is just one of the four main types of essays.

Argumentative essay, expository, and descriptive being the other ones.

You can say that narrative essays are smaller versions of fiction books.

It is a short story that can tell any story.

The author tells own experience,wonderful adventure,and simple event.

So, it’s written in the first-person point of view.

Creative writing is the style of writing essays adopt.

The main goal is to evoke emotions in your story because this will attract readers.

It should not only entertain readers but inspire them as well.

An effective narrative essay leaves a mark in someone’s life.

Why Is It Important to Come up with a ‘good’ Narrative Essay Topic?

Your chosen topic is what would make your readers want to read your essay.

It is what they care about most at the moment they pick up your paper.

If they feel that your narrative essay topic is not exciting or relatable, they will likely not pass on reading it.

Therefore, it is vital to come up with a striking narrative essay topic.

Sometimes just a glimpse of your essay title will immediately catch the attention of your readers.

A ‘good’ narrative essay topic is unique, intriguing, relatable, and timely.

You can list down all the life experiences that you could recall as of the moment.

Then, choose one you believe is fascinating, inspiring, and what you want to write about.

How To Choose a Topic for a Narrative Essay?

The good thing about narrative essays is that you can do whatever you want with your article.

You can choose whatever topic you are interested in. Because this way you can complete it with all your heart.

If you don’t know how to write narrative essay topics, here are some skills you can learn.


Adopt brainstorming as a strategy to come up with a more specific topic.

Generally speaking, brainstorming is used to solve a problem by generating creative ideas.

Start with a general topic,then list the topics in that category until you develop a specific and feasible case for you.


Using a mind map to organize your thoughts.

When you want to visualize your thoughts, you can use the mind map to help you develop a specific topic.

And when you come up with a topic and want to test it, you can achieve it by creating an outline.

On the contrary, if you can’t come up with a good introduction, body, and conclusion, that signals you to think of another topic.

Proving the Main Point

Your topic should contain the main point of your story.

So, if you want to prove something by narrating your story to support it, your topic should contain your main stance.


Always remember that your narrative essay is mainly storytelling.

You must come up with a topic that would enable you to tell your stories effectively.

Of course, you can also come up with topics from other people’s stories.

Then tell how these stories changed you.

Think About Your Past

If a narrative essay tells your story, so it has to be something that you experienced.

It can be an unforgettable moment, a sad one or a happy one.

Or it can also be a silly childhood experience that you want to share to make people laugh.

If you want a narrative essay that is meaningful, it can also be that turning point in your life.

Diaries, journals, photo albums, memory boxes are some of the sources you can grab.

Search the Internet

The easiest way to come up with a ‘good’ topic is to search the internet.

Just type ‘narrative essay topics’ on your browser, and hundreds, even thousands of topics will be given to you, free of use.

If you don’t want to copy the topic from the internet, the search results can still help you get inspiration and come up with an original issue.

It can spark your imagination and even awaken your creative side. You need some words to trigger it.

Add Some Complexities

It’s time to get brainy and add some complexity to the topic you’ve come up with. Think outside the box and be creative.

This is why researching more about a topic is important.

Feel free to research more about your topic so your narrative essay can be educating as well.

Researching can help you to expound more on your chosen topic.

narrative essay topics

Narrative Essay Topics in 2021

If you want specific narrative essay topics, below are some you might want to write about.

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 5

Elementary students have so many stories to tell actually, and you can observe that the moment they arrive at home from school.

They talk about what happened to them inside their classrooms. Below are just some exciting topics, and you can write.

  • That day you got a crush on someone
  • Talk about how you join a school activity or a school contest
  • Talk about the first time you stand up in front of the classroom to read your essay
  • How you confront your classmate because they were loud
  • How do you stand up for your classmate being bullied?

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 6

Essay writing starts as early as grade school. Your teacher might ask you to write a story about your experiences. Below are some topics for a Grade 6 student.

  • What you can’t forget about your summer vacation
  • How you met a friend at school
  • That day you met a stranger while playing at the park
  • Talk about the day you finally get a pet
  • That day you got so sick you had to leave school
  • Your homeschooling experiences

Narrative Essay Topics for High School

High school students have a wider vocabulary than elementary students. So,this is the stage where you introduce fiction books to widen your imagination.

It would enable them to create their own narrative stories. Below are some topics you can work with.

  • Talk about how you get your first kiss.
  • Prepare for the debate competition
  • Talk about an argument you had with your mom or dad
  • Talk about your first college plans
  • Your first volunteering activity
  • Favorite teacher in high school
  • Worst subject in high school
  • The teacher caught puppy love
  • If I had a million pounds

Narrative Essay Topics for College

Lecturers asking college students for an essay has become a way of life in universities.

They ask for tons of articles! Below are topics that might help you.

  • Your first day away from your parents
  • Why you felt you failed at being an adult
  • How you cope up with homesickness
  • How you deal with culture shock the moment you enter your university
  • Meet your roommate
  • Your first day of college
  • A crush in college
  • The most missed class in college
  • Favorite class in university
  • The first day of moving into the university dormitory

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

Personal experiences are the primary source of narrative essay topics; you have to recall them.

Think of the moments listed below if you have an experience of your own, and from there, you can already write your narrative essay.

  • Most embarrassing moment of your life
  • First time riding an airplane
  • Things to do when alone
  • First out of the country vacation
  • First job rejection
  • Your first time in the emergency room
  • First failed subject
  • Your first contact with the police
  • A terrible moment in the holidays

Narrative Essay Topics about Childhood

Childhood experiences are the most unforgettable ones. This is the stage where we all get to experience our firsts. Talk about them.

  • Your first friend
  • How you got an accident while riding a bicycle
  • Your favorite book growing up
  • Your favorite childhood toy
  • First fight
  • Your first day in a new school
  • The most scared thing
  • Happiest Christmas
  • The best birthday party you have ever had
  • Childhood favorite teacher

Relationship Narrative Essay Topics

Nothing beats a romance genre book. It is easy to evoke emotions associated with love, especially romantic love. People will read anything that’s about love.

  • Your first heartbreak
  • Experiences that made you choose to live single forever
  • What didn’t work out with your past love
  • Your first love
  • Death of a loved one
  • Why is there a distance between parents and children?
  • Your most trusted friend
  • An awkward moment with a stranger
  • How to prevent workplace harassment
  • How to be equal between men and women in the workplace

Personal Narrative about Friendships

You can also write about your experiences dealing with your friends.

  • Why you don’t have a best friend and have a group of friends instead
  • Your fight with your friends
  • How your best friend stole your boyfriend
  • How you gey fooled by your kindly-looking friend
  • What you gain from having a support system like a friend
  • Quarrel with best friend for the first time
  • The choice between two friends
  • The friend most afraid of losing

Cultural Narrative Essay Topics

Do you want something unique and educational? Maybe you want to explore this topic.

  • Your own culture
  • Experience of a different culture
  • Culture shock experiences
  • Your family’s food traditions
  • Your favorite holiday
  • Differences in family roles
  • Unique family habits
  • Favorite Halloween
  • The most hated holiday
  • What will you do on Thanksgiving

Personal Narrative Stories on Traveling and Holidays

There are just so many stories to tell after you’ve been gone on a trip. People want to hear the experiences of those who travel to places they wish they could go.

  • How you got lost while on a trip
  • Your favorite part of traveling
  • Your first solo travel experience
  • Bad experiences abroad
  • Traveling abroad for the first time in your life
  • Explore new cities
  • The first summer camp
  • Favorite city
  • What will you prepare when traveling?
  • What is your minimum budget when traveling?

Pandemic Experiences

You might want to write something timely and relatable at the moment. Explore the topics below.

  • What you have learned from the pandemic
  • How you got positive Covid
  • How you fight off the Covid Virus
  • Relatives due to the Corona virus
  • What’s something productive you did during the lock down season
  • How to prevent colds and flu

Unique Personal Narrative Essay Topics

We have said earlier that having a unique topic could quickly get the attention of your readers.

You can try the issues below if you want something new and outside of the box.

  • The ghost in your house
  • That random stranger you always find watching your house
  • How a burglar attacked your house
  • A kidnapping experience
  • One of your vivid dreams
  • Experience of sleep paralysis
  • Your near-death experience and how it changed you
  • How you survived cancer
  • Experience as a rape victim
  • Your own experience of racism, bullying, and discrimination

Some Tips on Narrative Essay Writing

Outline and draft the whole essay before you start writing it

Before writing your essay, ask yourself what you aim for in writing your narrative essay.
A goal will direct you in your writing process.

Create an outline so you will not get lost in your writing process. An outline will help you wrap up your essay beautifully.

It will also make you consistent in writing your story. Always begin with a short introduction.

Write in the first-person point of view

Be creative. In narrative essays, you can write in the first person and use different stylistic methods.

Remember that you are writing using the first-person point of view, so make sure you always write ‘I’ when necessary.

Do not ignore the conclusion

The introduction should be appealing enough so the reader would want to keep on reading your whole essay.

The body should contain the conflicts and how you overcome them.

The conclusion should be in response to your introduction, so they should be connected and tell the moral lesson of your story.

The introduction and conclusion are two essential parts of your essay.

Keep things interesting to read

Read your written essay aloud to yourself to check if it sounds great. You can also have someone read your article before submitting it.

Then you will know whether you have evoked the emotions you want your reader to feel.

Focus on specific details

After writing your essay, don’t forget to proofread it for technicalities like grammar and plot holes.

And you need to pay attention to specific details about the topic and avoid mentioning irrelevant off-topic information.


Find a suitable topic and brainstorm. Write all possible topics on paper and choose the best one.

Then create the narrative essay outline. Finally, follow the professor’s advice.

After these steps, you may have completed the narrative essay.

In short, you can choose from our narrative essay topics.

And we will provide the perfect research paper services.