How To Title an Essay

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Essay title is good or bad enough to prove the quality of your paper. Because the title of the paper represents the overall content of the paper.

Whether writing a research paper or an academic paper, the title is very important.

A fascinating paper title can make your paper stand out.

If you want your essay to be favored by the teacher, please remember to make a good title.

So, how to write a good essay title?

Reading this article, you will learn how to title the article correctly.

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What Is an Essay Title?

In fact, essay title is the most attractive part.

The title is the first text that the teacher, professor, or other student sees. It’s about whether you can arouse their interest, not make them feel bored.

If they don’t find the title interesting, they won’t continue reading your article.

If you don’t have a good title, no matter how good and outstanding your paper is, you won’t get a high score.

The perfect title allows readers to understand the content of the article. Therefore, you should create a compelling title.

What Is the Importance of Titles for Essay?

Research paper title can directly express the point of view of the paper. It allows readers to quickly understand your purpose.

If your article is rich and profound, then a good title will add to your thesis.

However, if the content is inferior, a good title will make up for the shortcomings.

In short, essay title is considered by the teacher as the most important part of the essay writing process.

However, most students will ignore this point when writing essays. So, if you put a perfect title in front of the teacher, you will definitely be praised.

This is an essential part of any article.

If you are ignored by the teacher because of a weak title, that would be a shame!

What Are the Qualities of Good Essay Title?

After knowing the importance of the title, you must know some characteristics of the title.

Only after understanding the title can you write a perfect title.

Here are the characteristics of some good titles we have compiled for you:

It should be unique title

A duplicate paper title will never succeed. This is why originality is very important.

You can get inspiration from other related titles, and then customize the title according to your own thesis theme.

Remember, copy and paste is never feasible.

It Must be Attention-Grabbing

Needless to say, this is for sure.

If the title of your paper is boring and boring, no one will choose to continue reading.

So, in order to attract the teacher’s attention, your headline must be eye-catching.

It Should be Easy to Read

No one likes complicated titles, not even your teacher.

Easy to read is always what people want.

Therefore, please do not use complex sentences and uncommon vocabulary.

It Must be Brief

Try to keep your headline short and powerful, because long headlines can be confusing.

You can control the number of words in the title to less than 20 words, and the concise and concise title is easier for people to remember.

It Must be Accurate

No matter what type of thesis topic you choose, essay title should be related to it.

One rule you must strictly follow is that the title must summarize research paper topics.

If your research paper title has nothing to do with the paper, it must be wrong.

It Must be Accurate

No matter what type of thesis topic you choose, the title of the paper should be related to it.

One rule you must strictly follow is that the title must summarize the topic of the paper.

If your title has nothing to do with the paper, it must be wrong.

Use Right Words

If the title is accurate, the correct vocabularies are crucial.

Your title expresses the point of view of your thesis, so this is why you have to use the correct words.

If they are not correct, they will not be able to express their opinions accurately and will leave a wrong impression on others.

What Are the Basic Components of an Essay Title?

Do you want a high-quality paper title? Want to know the basic components of an essay title?

Then you need to collect a lot of good headlines, and then organize them.

This is a complicated job. But don’t worry. We have done this job for you.

There are three basic components of the title:

A catchy hook

An attractive hook is like a bait. People are full of interest in it.

No one will reject an interesting headline because it leads the reader in a creative way.

Topic keywords

The subject keywords are like the eyes of the title. With it, the title will be perfect.

This is the “what” of your research paper title. It tells the reader where your paper mainly expresses the point of view.

Focus keywords

Compared with the subject keywords, this is the second most important.

It provides more relevant information about the title of your paper and makes your paper look more professional.

research paper title

How To Create a Good Essay Title?

After reading this, you have understood the basics of article titles.

Now, the most important thing is to understand how to create a good essay title.

So, the next step is our key message. Please continue reading:

Write essay first, title last

Write your essay first, don’t worry about writing the title of your article.

Name them after you finish your academic paper because this will give you more ideas on naming them appropriately.

Of course, some people think it is not easy to start without a title to keep an article title first.

After you are done, if you think the title is not good, you can replace it.

However, the most important thing is that the title should match the content of your article.

Use your thesis statement

There is nothing better than using a thesis statement.

Not only can it help you write an essay guide, but it can also help you write a title.You can pick helpful phrases from the thesis statement and add them to the title.

It Should be in Active Voice

When writing the title of the paper, pay attention to the voice of the article.

If your title is in the passive voice, please change to the active agent in time.Because it is easier to understand.

Consider the tone of your essay

Is your thesis an argumentative paper? If so, please use a serious and rigorous tone.Because different types of essays need to use a different tone.

You can use an entertaining and humorous style when writing a descriptive article. It can bring readers closer.For example, “How do cute little animals love their owners?”

Use quote or central idea

Sometimes, quoting famous quotes from experts is also a good idea.For example, if your thesis is related to a book, you can quote a sentence from the book.If it is associated with the song, you can quote a lyric.

Draw your title from the summary of the essay

Don’t know how to write the title? You can start with the abstract.

When you have finished writing your abstract, extract ideas from the abstract and put them in the title.

Avoid abbreviations and jargon

It should be.

It is a bad habit to use jargon or abbreviations in the title.They should be avoided as much as possible.Try to use appropriate terms and words.

Get Help from Online Tools

When you don’t know how to write a title, you can use the online title generation tool.It can help you generate some effective and good headlines.

How to Title an Essay in Different Formats?

How to Title an Essay in APA Format

  1. Enter the title in uppercase and lowercase letters
  2. Use center alignment on the top half of the page and write the title
  3. APA style headline should not exceed 12 words
  4. Avoid abbreviations and irrelevant words
  5. The title should appear in one or two lines and no more than one line.

How to Title an Essay MLA Format

  1. Align center, don’t italic or bold your title.
  2. Don’t put any quotation marks around the title, and don’t put a period after the title.
  3. And you need to capitalize the first and last words of the title, any words after the colon, and all important words.

How to Title an Essay for a Scholarship

  1. Consider the title as early as possible before writing the scholarship essay, and return to the title after finishing writing.
  2. Use a specific paper title.
  3. The title cannot be too long.

How to Title an Essay About a Book

  1. You should capitalize the first letter of all words.
  2. The word after the dash or colon should be capitalized.
  3. Don’t capitalize the article.

Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Try to avoid damaging, sensitive, and immoral topics because this problem cannot be addressed positively in academic work.
  2. Don’t make the wrong question, and you must use the correct topic related to the specific thesis topic.
  3. Do not disclose your negative past: Your negative history belongs only to you as a student. It does not belong to your work.
  4. Don’t ignore the teacher’s request. If you don’t understand the teacher’s request, you must ask in time. Otherwise, you will choose the wrong topic and get a bad grade.
  5. Don’t take offensive angles. Once you have determined a specific thesis topic, don’t refute your opinions at will. At the same time, do not use highly controversial issues, such as religion, violence, etc.
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40 Essay Title Examples

Are you struggling to find a good paper title?
You can choose a topic from our list below.
We guarantee that your teacher or any other readers will never forget.
Are you ready?
It is the best choice for the most attractive university paper title.

Argumentative Essay Titles Examples

  • Technology is a double-edged sword.
  • Should the university be free?
  • Should GMOs be banned?
  • Do parents choose a career for their children
  • Brexit is a mistake
  • Opportunities and threats of using mobile phones
  • Why are American citizens getting obese?
  • The pros and cons of globalization

Research Paper Titles Examples

  • The role of parents in cultivating healthy children
  • The impact of campus bullying on students’ personality
  • Social media addiction
  • Limitations of the media
  • How to raise responsible children now
  • What is the future and development of artificial intelligence
  • How to grow bigger in the real estate industry in the 21st century
  • The impact of online education on young people

Descriptive Essay Titles Examples

  • First day of school
  • Your favorite place in the world
  • Idol in life
  • My favorite movie
  • Another world-Iceland
  • Napoleon-King of Europe
  • My favorite teacher
  • The most interesting class

Persuasive Essay Title Examples

  • The benefits of garbage sorting
  • How to treat “fake news”?
  • What do you think about protecting religious freedom
  • Should medical and health knowledge be popularized?
  • How to protect women’s rights to maternity leave?
  • How to treat freedom of speech?

Catchy Essay Title Examples

  • Why wear school uniforms?
  • Which parenting method is most effective?
  • The power of music
  • Can pets change the owner’s mood?
  • The place of mathematics in human history
  • Einstein: Genius or lunatic?

Creative Essay Titles Example

  • What is the most unbreakable record in sports?
  • Kobe’s legendary life
  • How to help teenagers maintain a healthy weight
  • Is swimming the best sport?
  • There are a lot of people reading electronic books, does the library still need it?


An attractive title is very important to the paper.One of the most challenging tasks in essay writing is to write the title of the essay.Many students are worried about how to title the paper.

Sometimes, even if you finish your article, the title will not appear in your mind.However, by reading our guide, you will know that writing a title is easy.

If it is really difficult for you to come up with a fascinating paper title, please feel free to contact

We will provide you with writing assistance immediately.With our years of essay writing experience, we will complete a perfect title for you.