Learn the Essay Format Guides: MLA, APA, Chicago Styles

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This article will explain three popular essay format guidelines: MLA, APA, and Chicago.

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What Is an Essay Format?

Research papers are a critical task in most universities.

The format is the most complex and challenging part of the paper.

You need to follow the instructions given by the professor to format the homework. Otherwise, the paper will be rejected.

No matter your essay type, you need to follow a specific essay format to complete the essay. It is essential.

And the format of the research paper will vary depending on the style guide you follow.

It mainly contains three types of style guides: APA, MLA, and Chicago.

The essay format guide covers the structure, title, citations, and basic outline of the article.

It is very helpful for essay writing.

Why Is Your Essay Format Important?

Is it essential to specify the format of the paper?


The format of the paper can make the article look more beautiful and standard.

A correctly formatted essay will clearly show where your information is. It is usually easier to read.

At the same time, it will make it easier for teachers to review.

But if the paper does not follow the format, you may waste a lot of time.

Following the essay format can make it easier for students and teachers.

Next, we will discuss the three most common essay style formats.

Standard Essay Format Guidelines

The following is a guide to the standard essay format that you should follow for organized essay writing.

  • One-inch page margin.
  • Line spacing: single or double line spacing
  • Font style and size: New Times Roman 12 pt.
  • Header: Contains information such as the author’s last name or shortened title.
  • Title and subtitle (this structure is usually different due to different formatting requirements).
  • The header usually includes the page number.
  • The indentation should be half an inch.

How to Write an Essay in MLA Format

If you specialize in the humanities, the Modern Language Association provides a familiar guide.

MLA is the most commonly used format style in the humanities field, and it is also a style that students like to use because it has simple and clear rules.

If you want to write a paper in MLA format, you need to follow these basic guidelines:

  • Font: Use an easy-to-read font, New Times Roman 12 pt.
  • Margin: 1-inch page margin
  • Line spacing: Double the line spacing to ensure that there is no extra space between paragraphs.
  • Page number: Last name and page number should be placed on every article page.
  • In the upper left corner, write your name, teachers’ name, class, and date.
  • Title: The paper’s title is centered and above the article’s first line, in the same font and size as the paper itself.
  • Indent: Just press Tab to indent by ½ inch.
  • Alignment: Align on the left side, and ensure that the alignment is even.

How to Write an Essay in APA Format

This research paper style guide is named after the American Psychological Association.

It is used in behavioral and social science research, including education and psychology research. The social sciences prefer to use this style.

So if you are studying related subjects, such as sociology, psychology, and medicine, you will understand the APA style.

If you want to write an essay in APA format, please follow these guidelines:

  • Font: use a standard font, 12 pt Times New Roman or 11 pt Arial
  • Margin: 1-inch margin
  • Spacing: double line spacing
  • Page number: Insert a shortened title (less than 50 characters including punctuation) at the upper left corner of each page
  • Title page: Include author’s name and institution affiliation, date, and teacher’s name.

How to Write an Essay in Chicago Format

Chicago style is also typical in college essays, and it is a complete guide to formatting essays.

It is most commonly used in the fields of history, politics, and public policy.

Unlike MLA or APA, the Chicago style usually uses footnotes or endnotes.

Therefore, the key to a Chicago-style essay is accurate citations and footnotes.

If you want to format your paper in Chicago style, please follow these guidelines:

  • Font: Times New Roman 12 pt is the best choice
  • Margin: 1-inch margin
  • Spacing: double spacing
  • Footnotes: The Chicago format requires footnotes to be added to paraphrases or quoted paragraphs.
  • Bibliography: The bibliography in Chicago style format is very similar to the MLA format. They all list the information in alphabetical order.
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Tips for Writing an Academic Paper

Most students don’t like essay writing because it can be torture for them.

But don’t worry, we provide you with some tips to help you write better.

Whatever kind of research paper you write, you can use the following essay writing techniques.

Choose a Good Topic

A good topic is very important for the paper.

Of course, sometimes the teacher will provide you with a list of topics.

But in some cases, you have to choose for yourself.

The topics of a good academic paper should not be too broad. It cannot allow additional information to obscure its subject.

Your topic should be specific so that you can better research and explore.

For example, “Does education affect career opportunities?” or “Can people without a good education succeed?

Start Research as Soon as Possible

Doing essay research is an important part of writing.

Before you start writing, you must do thorough research.

You need to find convincing arguments and rebuttals, factual evidence, etc., and then collect all kinds of information.

In the research process, you must do two things:

Schedule your time: You need to do your research in different periods.

Make a source note: record the reliable research websites encountered during the research process to be convenient for future inquiries.

Pick out Specific, Compelling Resources

After you are familiar with the topic and do your research, you need to pick valuable resources.

Extract valuable resources from the books, websites, and articles you keep in your collection. These are the references you need to put at the end of the paper.

Develop a Thesis Statement

In academic paper writing skills, this is the most important.

The thesis statement is the compass. It shows the direction of the thesis.

It contains the important content of the thesis and provides readers with the theme of the essay.

A clear and specific thesis statement will be the finishing touch to your thesis.

Create an Outline

Before you write an essay, it is very important to have a complete plan.

Without an outline, it’s like traveling without a map. It means you don’t know where to start and where to end.

The standard essay outline consists of three parts:


The introduction is one of the most important parts of your research paper. It is the beginning of the entire research paper.

Through a solid introduction to the arguments, teachers can learn more about the thesis.


In each body paragraph, the first sentence should present one of your points.

Then, by using research methods, provide factual evidence to support your argument.

3.In Conclusion

Finally, write down your conclusions.

The conclusion will no longer provide new argument information. Rather, it summarizes the statement of the entire paper and expresses your point of view.

And it provides a call to action and makes readers think.

Write a Draft

Drafting is a process of continuous creation, and you can record any thoughts because this is the time to brainstorm ideas for your thesis.

You can start writing from any part, and you don’t have to worry about grammar, punctuation, and spelling when writing the essay because you will modify it later.

Avoid Irrelevant Details

When writing every sentence, you have to think about whether your research can prove your point. And whether it highlights specific information.

Please remember that irrelevant details must not appear in the paper. It will confuse the teacher reviewing your paper.

If it does not support the point of view, you want to express, then remove it. At the same time, avoid using popular phrases or clichés.

So, remember to use clear language.

Check Your Work

You must proofread your academic papers to avoid any careless mistakes.

You can create a list of questions and list the mistakes that you often make. Include names and words that you often get confused or misspelled and grammatical errors.

On the second day after finishing the paper, you will start proofreading. Reread your essay many times, paying particular attention to the questions on your list.

Ask for a Peer Review of Your Academic Paper

Before submitting the paper to the teacher, ask someone you trust to do a final review of your essay.

Different people may find the mistakes you missed and point out where more information is needed.

You need to get as much feedback as possible and deal with it.


The format of a paper is very important to its overall appearance and content structure.

Different essay styles need to follow different format guidelines.

When you know how to format a paper, you will find that the article is very simple.

Each essay format has a set of rules and guidelines, but all college essays have certain things in common.

This guide is very useful. It will help you learn how to format a research paper. And you can easily apply the format of the thesis in the process of writing the thesis.

If you are still confused and you want to find help with your paper. Then you can contact us on proresearchpapers.com to get help with your essay writing.