How To Write an Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative essay writing is a common homework for middle school and college students.

Do you encounter difficulties in writing argumentative essays?

A good argumentative essay must be persuasive and contain arguments and objections.

Many students find it difficult because of the complicated essay structure.

But don’t worry. We are here to help you.

We have compiled the content of relevant argumentation essays to help you write a perfect argumentation essay.

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What Is an Argumentative Essay?

The argumentative essay is the kind of essay that focuses heavily on research.

This kind of essay needs intensive research before writing.

Writing an argumentative essay starts even before writing the essay.

This essay relies heavily on facts. Since this essay is based on facts, extensive use of published material is of utmost importance.

You should use published material as a reference, because it has been peer reviewed. So, it is reliable.

Presenting an argumentative essay is not based on own opinion.

You need to conduct in-depth research on the topic of the argument.

Because there can be opposing facts.

Presenting opposing facts in an argumentative essay is not necessary.

But the author should know if there is a statement to the contrary, and if it is substantiated.

Understanding the thesis of the statement is of crucial importance when writing an argumentative essay.

More time in searching for ideas and key arguments is given than in writing this kind of essay.

What are the Elements of an Argumentative Essay?

Clarify the position of the argumentative essay

When writing an argumentative essay, the writer must be clear of their standpoint.

There can be various angles in every issue, and those arguments can all have a valid standpoint.

To be clear about your position, you must outline your argument.

You have to be clear if you are in support or against an issue.

In argumentative writing, you should gather facts and weigh opposing views. Finally, clarify your position.

Presenting the idea means that published information is present alongside references.

It is not enough that facts are presented; reliable sources must be present.

Doing preliminary research is of utmost importance as it will be the basis of the argument you will present in your essay.

Relevant example or evidence to support your argument

Supporting your argument in an argumentative essay requires you to do intensive research.

This must not just be any statement but facts that come from reliable sources.

Examples must come from scholarly articles or publications.

You should to provide reliable sources.

Who wrote it? What publication did it come out in. These are all very important.

Real-life experience is not enough in an argumentative essay.

So, those experiences should be supported by statistics, and in return.

It will become an anecdotal experience.

Information from the government can also be a good source of information to support your argument in an argumentative essay.

The government has statistical data for different sectors and issues that could be relevant to the essay that you are writing.

Scholarly articles published in magazines and newspapers can also be used as a supporting argument for the essay.

Support the logical reasoning and main points of the thesis statement

To support your thesis statement in an argumentative essay, your essay should have lot of facts.

Facts, statistics, laws are just a few of what you need to support your thesis statement.

Presenting useful facts is important since it will help you convince your readers of your thesis statement.

Real experiences and examples can be a great help to support further the facts that you are presenting.

Real-life experiences give life to the essay.


When writing an argumentative essay, you need opposite statements to support your position.

Counterarguments give your readers the benefit of the doubt.

Then presenting counterarguments in an argumentative essay shows why you chose that stand.

You can present why counterarguments are invalid or present poor or insufficient data that could lead to poor assumptions.

If we some counterarguments are true but irrelevant, thus lead you to choose the opposing statement.

While we present reasonable and popular positions.

Especially if the article is political, a popular position or stand often gains more support from the readers.

If we choose a popular stand when presenting counterarguments, we need to present facts.

3 Ways to Approach Argumentative Essay Research

Toulmin Argument

The Toulmin argument breaks down the idea into six parts:

  1. Claims are when a writer wants the reader to accept their statement as accurate.
  2. Grounds presents the facts about the position of the writer.
  3. Warrant connects the grounds and the claims. It makes sure that the claim is justified.
  4. Backing provides additional support for the claim.
  5. Qualifier shows that the claim is not valid at all times.
  6. The rebuttal addresses the counterarguments.

Rogerian Argument

Rogerian argument or Rogerian rhetoric presents both sides of the view to find the middle ground.

It is commonly used in negotiation. Ln academic settings, this is the least common.

Classical Approach

The classical approach contains five different sections:

  1. The introduction is where the author states the general stand in the argument.
  2. Narration is where the author states the background of the information.
  3. And confirmation is where the author provides supporting information.
  4. Refutation is where the author makes the opposite point and disproves it.
  5. Conclusion is where the author summarizes the whole statement and reiterates why they took that position.

How Do You Write an Argument Essay?

Step 1: Select a argumentative essay topic and write a paper statement.

When we are writing academic, we should choose the subject to be presented in class.

Or we choose the subject assigned by the teacher.

Regardless of the kind of topic that is required, up-to-date topics are important.

Because the more relevant the topic, the better, and it is more interesting.

Step 2: Research argumentative essay ideas and organize your findings.

Argumentative essay relies heavily on facts.

As had repeatedly been saying, give more time to researching your ideas than in writing your essay.

Without the facts, you cannot present a valid argument. And your opinion could be invalidated.

The way ideas are to be presented should be outlined before being written.

If your article contains a lot of facts, but you cannot organize the ideas.

Then the argumentative essay would be poorly written. And it can confuse the readers.

Step 3: Write an argument essay outline

Ideas are important, and how to present ideas is also very important.

When the narrative comes after the rebuttal, there could be confusion.

The essay outline is a clear table of contents that connects the entire paper.

And it will ensure that you write smoothly.

Step 4: Present clear and convincing evidence

Since writing an argumentative essay requires intensive research, the essay will contain straight-up facts from reliable sources.

Step 5: Editing argumentative essay

Before submitting or presenting the essay, always check for grammatical errors or spelling.

And you should check sources of data carefully.

Some Tips for Argumentative Essay Writing

Argumentative Essay Writing

Choose Engaging Argumentative Essay Topics

Choose topics that will attract the attention of your readers.

Or choose the topic that people are talking about.

The newer your question, the more readers are willing to read it.

While they could relate to the issue, they could look into the position they are talking about on the topic. Thus, they can debate about it.

Choose the Structure

Choosing a readable structure is essential.

Because your question is relevant to the reader, they can debate it.

Conduct Quality Research

Facts play a vital role in an argumentative essay; using reliable sources is essential to present a valid argument.

Straight-up facts are good in presenting your position in an argumentative essay.

Credible Sources

Having credible sources makes a strong argument.

While we present facts, learn how to collect data, and then use those facts to debunk arguments.

The kind of publication can also affect the facts that you are presenting.

Use Counter Arguments

The use of counterarguments can make your position strong.

Counterarguments can cement your claim in your thesis statement.

Create a Solid Introduction

Providing a good narrative for the thesis statement can make a good claim of your position in the issue.

When presenting an argument, the writer needs to create an impact to get interested in the topic.

Complex Sentences Never Impress

Argumentative essays already use facts heavily, so using complicated sentences can make the essay boring.

When readers get bored, they will not finish reading the essay.

Then we can’t present new argument.

Clarity and Authority

Persuading your readers is essential.

Showing what your argument can do by making sure that it is understandable can do wonders.

Stick to the Argumentative Essay Length

The essay must be concise.

Having a straightforward essay is important since it will not bore your readers.

Avoid Hot and Sensitive Topics

Topics like religion can sometimes be offensive to a certain group of people.

They can lead to violent reactions, so it is better to take precautions when choosing a topic for the argumentative essay.

How to Write a Strong Argument?

Supporting Your Claim with Evidence and Explanations

When we present a solid argument, it should contain evidence, data, and facts.

Statistics never lie. How can someone refute statistics? How can someone deny real-lite experience?

The reason why there is research is to assure people that facts can be studied and concluded. That is why good argumentative research has all the data it needs to support its claim.

Address Objections

All statement has an opposing opinion. The purpose of the counterargument is to make sure that opposing views are refuted.

When opposing statements are not refuted, that leaves room for the claim to be challenged.

To avoid that, always look for an opposing statement and make sure to address it with more facts or anecdotal experiences.

Writing the Conclusion

The conclusion must be precise and concise.

It must contain all the information one needs to know about the whole essay, from the narrative to the facts.

The conclusion must be persuasive.

What are the 4 Parts of an Argumentative Essay?

Introductory paragraph

It contains the idea of the essay. And it must attract the attention of readers.

It contains a short narrative of the topic of the essay but not going into the specific case.

Its function is to allow readers to continue reading.

Therefore, this part must be brief, straightforward, and catchy so that readers will interest in the essay.

The argumentative essay statement

It contains the specific topic for the essay.

This will explain how the topic was selected, why the issue is relevant, and the writer’s position on the subject.

Body paragraphs

It contains the narrative of facts and pieces of evidence.

This will present the data needed to justify the claim. It will also contain the counterarguments.

Citing sources is also essential when presenting facts and pieces of evidence.


It will be the summary of the whole essay. While this is brief, it must have the necessary information needed for the entire essay.

30 Argument Essay Hot Topics in 2021

  1. Men perform better in physically challenging jobs
  2. Primary school students should learn in their native languages (for non-English speaking countries)
  3. Education at all levels should be free for all
  4. Fast food is making people fat
  5. Which socio-political movement is the most relevant in this era?
  6. Should children be homeschooled?
  7. The effects of gadgets on learning at home
  8. The effect of classes starting a little bit late
  9. Does religion affect the choices of people
  10. Is organic food healthy?
  11. Are boys better in mathematics than girls?
  12. Can the human race survive on Mars?
  13. Does use solar energy decrease the risk of global warming?
  14. is it practical to live in more than 450 square feet for a family of 4?
  15. Does use TESLA care cost-effective?
  16. Should the United States continue to send foreign aid to their ally nations?
  17. Mothers are better parents than fathers
  18. is abortion pro-life or pro-choice
  19. is the meat of the cloned animals healthy to eat?
  20. Does the level of literacy affect the kind of parents?
  21. is rehab better than jail for sex offenders?
  22. is a vegetarian diet better than other forms of diet?
  23. Do men cheat more than women?
  24. Can too much use of social media affect the confidence of teens?
  25. Does colonization have a long-term effect on its colonies?
  26. Does digital marketing help brands that have been in existence for more than five decades?
  27. Are our boarding school students doing better than the rest?
  28. Does a graduate from Harvard University assures employment?
  29. Are female athletes sexualized by media?
  30. Should grading be eliminated in this current era?


An argumentative essay is the best way to present research paper topics in class.

Since this essay does not contain opinions but straight-up facts, it would be hard to negate your position.

This essay is also practical to use, especially now in the height of fake news on social media, presenting arguments this way can be of good use.

When working, argumentative essays can be used to present new ideas and innovation.

Finally, if you are still worried about writing an argumentative essay, we can write it for you.

If you have written an argumentative essay and want to check it, please also contact us.

We will ask professionals to edit and check for you.