Academic Research Databases In 2022:Top List to Start Your Research

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Are you looking for reliable academic research databases and search engines?

Whether writing a research paper, graduation thesis, or doctoral thesis, you need to survey previous literature and research results.

The academic research database is the tool most students find.

The academic research databases contain high-quality research articles.

You can easily find the literature you want.

Therefore, we have compiled a top list of trusted academic search engines and databases.

There are also several free online journals and research databases.

In short, we hope to help you thoroughly research and write an excellent research paper.

What Are Academic Research Databases?

An academic research database is usually used for research and writing.

And it is a collection of information. It contains access to scholarly journals.

At the same time, it contains a large number of content directories.

For example, articles, images, market trend reports, and scientific papers.

So, you only need to enter some keywords for research papers to find many helpful journal articles.

In most cases, you can view these articles online. However, sometimes, you need to pay.

But don’t worry. We also help you collect a free academic research database.

Why Do We Use Academic Research Databases?

The writing of research papers must be accurate, without errors.

To ensure the accuracy of the paper, you need to refer to high-quality academic papers or journals.

Therefore, using academic research databases is the best choice for research paper writing.

Compared with searching a single journal, using a library database can save students time and energy.

Using the database, students can quickly obtain safe, accurate, and up-to-date research information.

The Top List of Academic Research Databases


Scopus covers 34,346 good journals in top subject areas.

And it provides academic journal rankings as an abstract and citation database.

It also provides a total overview of multiple research results.

For example, global science, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

And you can use its intelligent tools for important research.

Scopus academic research databases

Web of Science

Web of Science is a website that consists of six online databases.

It provides total citation data in different disciplines. And it supports subscription access to multiple databases.

The Institute of Scientific Information initially produced it. Clarivate Analytics is currently maintaining it.

web of science academic databases


For the education field, ERIC is the first choice.

ERIC is the Educational Resource Information Center. It is an online digital library.

It stores relevant educational research and information.

You can search for materials related to the education field by topic.

All ERIC materials go through a formal review process, so you can use them with confidence.

ERIC academic databases

IEEE Xplore

IEEE Xplore is a research database in the fields of electrical engineering and computer science.

It contains journal articles, meeting minutes, technical standards in related fields.

It is a good choice for researchers in the engineering field.

IEEE Xplore academic databases


ScienceDirect has more than 4,000 academic journals and more than 30,000 e-books.

With ScienceDirect, you can search for good journal articles and book chapters.

And you can access its database of scientific and medical.

ScienceDirect academic research databases


JSTOR is an excellent resource for finding information about essay writing.

Because it provides more than 12 million academic journal articles, books.

At the same time it has major resources in 75 subject. You can visit.

JSTOR academic research databases

Science Open

As a research and publishing website, it provides services for publishers and organizations.

And it provides more than 28 million articles on all scientific fields.

Its advanced search function is very detailed, so you can find exactly the research information you need.

You need to register to view the full text of the article, but registration is free.

scienceopen academic research databases

Social Science Research Network

SSRN is called the Social Science Research Network.

It includes social sciences, economics, law, corporate governance, and humanities.

At the same time it has 950,733 research papers and 503,172 researchers from more than 65 disciplines.

You can check the its database and upload your papers for free.

And you also can download most articles for free from it.

But you may need to register as a member (also free) to access certain services.

This way, you can interact with other scholars all over the world.

SSRN academic research databases


OpenDOAR is a high-quality global knowledge base. You can find journals and articles through it.

And you can search and browse thousands of registered repositories based on a series of functions.

It has open access services. You can get the latest data and content from leading international publishers and providers.

OpenDORA academic research databases

Digital Library of the Commons Repository

The DLC is the gateway to international literature. It is a repository of different subjects journals.

You can access whole articles, theses for free.

You can also search for articles related to your topic by searching for document type, date, author, keywords, etc.

The website contains:
An author submission portal, an image database.
A total bibliography of the commons.
A keyword thesaurus.

And it can be linked to relevant reference resources related to the study of the commons.

DLC academic research databases

CIA World Factbook

World Factbook, also known as CIA World Factbook. It is a reference resource.

It is produced by the Central Intelligence Agency.

And it provides basic information for 266 countries worldwide.

It is a beneficial research database suitable for scholars in various disciplines. And you can access all information for free.

the world factbook

DBLP Computer Science Bibliography

DBLP is a computer science bibliography website.

As of January 2019, DBLP has indexed more than 4.4 million publications published by more than 2.2 million authors.

It provides a valuable resource for the field of computer science.

You can access high-quality databases for free.

dblp academic research databases

BioMed Central

BioMed Central is a pioneer in free open access publishing. It provides high-quality research information for everyone who needs to visit.

In addition, it has about 300 peer-reviewed journals and 65 inclusive journals focused on individual needs.

BMC offers a wide range of subjects content. It contains physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

BioMed Central


Zenodo is an total research database. Because it cover research from all over the world and various disciplines.

You can search by keywords, titles, and download documents directly from the site.


What are some good free research paper databases?

Public Library of Science

PLOS is a non-profit open access publisher. And it has been committed to promoting the openness of academic research.

In October 2003, it launched the first journal, “PLOS Biology,” and published seven open journals.

Fortunately, you can immediately get scientific articles for free.

Public Library of Science


Paperity is the first multidisciplinary aggregator of free open access journals and papers.

It has documents from anywhere in the world and any research field.

You can keep up to date with the latest findings, and you will never encounter a paywall.

In addition, you can quickly and unrestricted access to journals from hundreds of disciplines.



Dryad is a fully open-access digital repository for scientific research. It uses a unique method for data release and preservation.

And it is a non-profit membership organization.


arXiv e-Print Archive

arXiv is a well-known resource in the fields of mathematics and computer science. It contains 1,938,591 academic articles.

These include the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering and systems science, and economics.

It supports free and open access for everyone.


JURN is a free online search tool. It can help you find free academic articles and books.

It covers repositories of universities. And it also includes many other sides electronic journals. For example, science, business, and law.

Through the keyword index, you can search millions of free academic articles, chapters, and papers.



EconBiz is a website related to economics and business research.

It provides guidance and assistance for students, researchers, and teachers.

You can access to full text online for free.

At the same time, you can quickly find the publication you want by adjusting the sorting or filtering.

EconBiz academic research databases

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

The DOAJ is a database.

It has 300 open access journals and 16,500 high-quality journals.

It also covers all fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and humanities.

And all DOAJ services are free. You can query all data for free.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)


PubMed is an essential resource for research in life sciences and biomedicine.

It mainly stores a large number of abstracts and reference information of research papers.

As a research resource, it contains more than 33 million biomedical literature citations from life science journals, and online books.

And it provides a link to the full text of the publisher’s site or a link to a free PDF on PubMed Central (PMC).

PubMed academic research databases

E-Theses Online Service (EThOS)

EThOS is the UK’s national essay service website.

Its purpose is to increase the visibility and usability of UK doctoral research papers.

It has about 500,000 records related to papers awarded by more than 120 institutions.

You can get most articles for free through the website.

E-Theses Online Service (EThOS)


It is a global science portal.

Through the website, you can search for global scientific resources in one stop.

You can search and translate scientific documents in different languages in real time.


The Top List of Academic Search Engines

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free web search engine.

It provides an easy way to search in academic literature.

By using Google’s powerful search function, you can quickly find academic literature.

Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Academic is also a free public Internet search engine.

You can search for academic publications and documents. It is easy to browse and cite articles and references through it.


CORE is the largest collection of open access research papers in the world.

It currently contains 214,873,907 articles. And they are collected by 10,264 data providers worldwide.

Therefore, CORE is very suitable for researchers, and it is a very important research resource.

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)

For academic network resources, the BASE is one of the largest search engines in the world.

The BASE contains more than 240 million documents from more than 8,000 content providers.

It uses automated methods to correct, standardize and enrich data.

Therefore, research scholars can get instant information to improve their essay writing.

And fortunately, you can access about 60% of the documents for free. provides more than 60 databases and more than 2,200 science websites.

It provides users with more than 200 million pages of authoritative federal science information.

Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar is a scientific literature research tool.

By using artificial intelligence, it can classify millions of papers based on your search terms.

In addition to search tools, it also offers free services on the Semantic Scholar API and open research corpus.


As a web search engine, RefSeek is aimed at students and researchers.

RefSeek covers more than 5 billion documents. These include web pages, books, encyclopedias, periodicals, and newspapers.

You can easily get academic information.


If you are looking for excellent academic research databases and search engines, this article can help you.

In most cases, you can choose these databases to research papers.

Find the proper research database to meet your specific needs.

Not only can you save time on thesis writing, but it also allows you to show the most relevant research to your essay topic.